Smart Class

To make the learning of the students more effective, the school has introduced digital classes for the classes of LKG to VIII. With the introduction of smart classes, the desire for learning has increased both with the staff as well as the students. It provides audio visual information related to syllabus and other matters for better knowledge.


A fair collection of books, periodicals, fictions, books on adventure, comics and classics are available in the school Library and periodic upgrading is done. There are dedicated library classes to create a habit of reading books.



The school has laboratory of the following departments:

  • Physics

  • Chemistry

  • Biology

  • Computer

They are equipped with all the materials and equipments required for the syllabus and knowledge. Lab work is compulsury for classes 11 & 12 (Science).

Students from Class LKG to XII are entitled to computer science education by trained computer science faculty.